• CDPH Mandates Tai Chi practice for Californians

    Tai Chi Mandated for Californians

    Finally a Public Health initiative that will actually support greater Public Health for all Californians! The California Department of Public Health is proposing to mandate Tai Chi practice for all Californians. This martial arts is centuries old and has health benefits that pack a punch. This type of low-impact, weight-bearing, aerobic yet relaxing exercise enhances physical and mental health at any age, gender, socio-economic level, race, community, and/or religious affiliation.
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  • What does the CDC not want you to know. Find out before informed consent becomes

    SB277 Threatens Informed Consent. What the CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know…

    Is forced vaccination the only option to achieve Public Health goals? Vaccine injuries are real… what else does the CDC not want you to know? SB277 and its outcome loom over California like a dark cloud. Will informed consent go extinct in California when it comes to children and vaccine policy?
  • What Privilege May Americans Lose?

    Vaccination: Consent is a Privilege, Not a Right.

    Americans love our freedoms. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are worth protecting… California’s Senate Bill 277 (SB277) has had my mental and emotional self playing an endless game of tennis. Will informed consent no longer apply in the state of California when it comes to vaccinations?
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    The Most Significant Yet Unknown Sign You’re Gonna Have a Stroke

    When it comes to stroke signs, many of us have learned the acronym F-A-S-T. But for me, that’s just too S-L-O-W. Here’s a quick review of F-A-S-T because it can be useful, but knowing how to identify a stroke before it happens is better medicine. Face – can they smile? Arms – can they raise both arms and keep them there? Speech – is their speech slurred? Time – to call 911 But currently, very few people know that the most accurate way to tell if someone has had a stroke is to look at their …
  • kitchen spice

    Stop a Stroke In Seconds With This Common Kitchen Spice

    Nobody wants to suffer the brain damage and possible permanent loss of physical function associated with a stroke. The good news is that you and your loved ones will never have to. There is a common spice that you probably have sitting in your kitchen right now that can not only stop a stroke dead in it’s tracks, but also prevent a stroke from ever occurring. In fact, the handful of herbalists who know how to use this spice as medicine have reported that it can also revive a person from a heart attack.
  • Three Home Remedies for your Baby

    High Fever, Wheezing, Sudden Onset Illness… 3 ways to help your baby at home.

    Do you know what to do? Your baby wakes you at 3am crying in pain… you check their forehead and find that their head is hot. Yes,definitely hot. You take their temperature and it reads 103.2 F. You take a deep breath and go get your homeopathy kit. Sounds like a night for Aconite.
  • eggs

    Eggs – it’s what’s for breakfast!

    Raw pastured eggs are a simple fast-food that keeps you young and vital! Fresh raw pastured eggs are absolutely egg-credible! Sometimes the kiddo asks for ‘just egg’ for breakfast. What this means is fresh raw pastured egg with a straw in it – drink it straight from within the shell. Nutrient dense breakfast for the kid and an easy no-mess, no-clean-up breakfast for me! It’s a win-win, complete fast-food breakfast!
  • Homemade Fig Newtons

    Homemade Fig Newtons – They’re Figgin’ Delicious!

    Delicious, nutritious treats the whole family will love… and all your friends too! The hit treat at our house is currently homemade fig newtons. It’s not only our favorite family treat, but every friend who has tried them asks for “more please!”. One kid stuffed his pockets full at the end of a play date. It was great! I love seeing kids get excited about healthier treats.
  • Canola Oil

    Canola oil – the Big, Bad C!

    Canola Oil, aka rapeseed oil, is toxic for you. Find out why… Is canola oil in your diet? Chances are – it is. Canola oil is in all sorts of food products these days. From restaurant food, to fresh prepared food, to packaged food, to frozen food, to your ‘healthy’ snacks.
  • Castor Leaf

    Say YES to Castor Oil!

    I was recently purchasing shampoo and conditioner when the gal at the register asked me my thoughts about my purchases. She was looking to improve her hair and was tired of going to the salon because of time and costs. She asked me “how can I get my hair healthy without the costs of a salon?” Here’s how… castor oil.
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    Why We Want Weeds!

    This information may not be seasonally relevant for those in climates that are snowy and freezing… but here in California, where we are so extremely happy to be getting some winter rains, you can already see the wild weeds in full bloom! What is usually under-recognized and appreciated is that wild weeds have so much to offer us medicinally. When we recognize their benefits, we reap the rewards and don’t have to give up our ‘perfect gardens’ either.
  • sick dog

    Fish Oil for Dogs?

    Research says that if you give a lot of fish oil to your dog, it you will get cancer and die every time. I talk with a lot of people about fish oil. Many people take fish oil because they have been ‘sold’ on the idea that fish oil is something they need to be taking. Note: If you take fish oil, please read this article. It explains the science of fish oil and how it reacts inside your body. After I share a bit of information and background research, I often get this question from dog owners…

    “What about fish oil for dogs?”

    The answer is simple…